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Counselling for Children

Counselling Children

Child Therapist

Children have their own worries and anxieties but unlike most adults, they find it difficult to verbalise their emotions or to talk about what is troubling them.


A very sensitive approach is necessary when working with this age group, as they find it difficult to make sense of their mixed emotions and feelings. 


I believe in early intervention and catching problems early.  If left unheard, often children's distress can manifest into more troublesome and unmanageable thoughts or actions in later life. 

How I Work


I use a combination of creativity and conversation when working with children, depending on the child's age and developmental stage. This includes a mixture of play therapy and art, including arts and crafts, storytelling, drama, sand tray work and the use of metaphor.  Play and creativity come natural to children and by using these methods it can safetly enable the child to reveal their inner world and tell their story.


The process of understanding the child's perspective occurs at their pace and in their unique way. In this way they are supported to work through painful or uncomfortable emotions. 

If we decide that therapy would be useful for your child, the sessions will be weekly and are generally at the same time each week and last 50 minutes.


What to do next

Child Psycholgist

When working with children, I meet with parents or guardians for an initial consultation and together decide if counselling sessions would be useful.

This is an opportunity to ask questions and exchange information. The consultation works as an assessment to decide which intervention would be suitable for the child. This usually takes around 60 minutes.


I will then meet with your child to try to get an understanding of the problem from their perspective.

How I Work
what to do next
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