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Counselling in a school setting

Children and young people can often find it difficult to talk about their difficult feelings and worries.  Often they find it difficult to talk to family members and often find it easier to talk about it at school.  

Counselling at the school offers a safe and confidential space for children and young people to work through difficulties. 


Often teachers and school staff can notice when a child or teenager is struggling emotionally as they spend a huge part of the day working with the child.  They can notice subtle changes in their behaviour which can often be missed by parents and families.  

We offer counselling both in primary schools and in secondary schools. The type of counselling offered will be dependant on the age and development stage of the child or young person. 


Why is Counselling in a school setting important

Counselling offers a safe and confidential space for young people and children to work through difficulties.   Counselling at the child or teenagers school is useful as the child is in their own familiar space and they do not have to taken be outside of school to access counselling.  

We work within a whole school approach, working closely with  teachers, staff and parents keeping the child at the centre of the work and collectively striving to support the child or young person.

Counselling in the school is completely confidential.  Parents consent is necessary to begin any counselling work with the child or young person.

Every child and young person should have the opportunity to access counselling, sadly through lack of funding this is not always the case as private counselling can be expensive.  We can offer a counselling service in the school.

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What We Offer

We offer a counselling space that is both safe and confidential

Counselling is within the school in a private designated space.  


The package will include:

Initial meetings with parents / carers and staff to carry out full assessments (either by telephone, zoom or face to face)

One to one counselling with the child or teenager

Regular reviews for parents and staff on how counselling is progressing (within the boundaries of child and young person confidentiality)

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