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Counselling Teenagers

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I understand many of the issues and problems that young people and teenagers are faced with and my aim is to provide an opportunity for them to explore thoughts and feelings that may be causing emotional distress.  I offer this in a confidential, caring and private environment.


I recognise that young people are under considerable pressure from peer groups, social media, schools and parents and that this can be challenging for them to negotiate. My hope is that in sessions, the young person can explore their fears and worries and in turn, focus on their personal aspirations and qualities.


How I Work

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My type of counselling is based on creativity, as it can give us great insight into our inner worlds, our dreams and our potential.  Depending on the age and preference of the teenager, I can offer counselling using several creative art mediums or through talking therapy.  


During therapy the work may explore past experiences or if required, we may work on a specific issue or problem.  I can offer long term therapy to get to the heart of the issue.  Also, I can offer short term Solution Focused therapy.

If we decide that therapy would be useful for the teenager, the sessions will be weekly and are generally at the same time each week and last 50 minutes.

What to do next


When working with teenagers, I meet with parents or guardians for an initial consultation and together decide if counselling sessions would be useful.

This is an opportunity to ask questions and exchange information. The consultation works as an assessment to decide which intervention would be suitable for the young person. This usually takes around 60 minutes.


I will then meet with the teenager to try to get an understanding of the problem from their perspective.

How I work
What to do next
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